1 - After entering the Trevo de Garopaba, go straight ahead for approximately ~2.4 miles and turn right on the highway Estrada Geral Rosa.

2 - During this route, disregard the sign to turn right, located a few meters before the gas station ALE and continue on the asphalt road.

3 - Later you will arrive at the Pórtico do Município de Garopaba, continue straight ahead.

4 - A little further to the left, there will be a gas station Ipiranga and soon the Silveira market, continue straight ahead.

5 - Then, after passing over the speed humps, take the first road on the right.

6 - This is the General Rosa Road (Estrada Geral do Rosa). Always follow the pavement for approximately 5.5 km (~3.4 miles).

7 - At this point stay onthe left.

8 - Continue down the pavement and go straight ahead.

9 - Then, the path will be a dirt road, you are almost there!

10 - When coming across the wood siding, turn left.

11 - This is the Moradas do Ico street, you're almost there, just over 80 meters (~262 feet) .

12 - Welcome to Moradas do Ico - Praia